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 US and NATO Should Offer Compensation to the Chinese for the Embassy Bombing
if the US and NATO are sincere about their apologies to China, they should offer to compensate the Chinese victims and their families
- Wei Ming

 The Censorship of Canadian Children's Literature
surprisingly, many Canadian children's books are censored, not at the government level, but at the level of local schools and libraries
- Iram Khan

 Saskatchewan Nurses Strife
a look at the continuing discontent for nurses
- Teresa B. Hiebert

 NFA Executive Targets Lack of Social Programs
it is clear from these disasters that Canada not unlike the USA falls short in its social programs targeted at emotionally disturbed youth
- D.R. Hammond

 Mixed Messages- Letters to the Editor
a look at turbans and racist letters to the editor
- Ed Z.

 Border Crossing
how has our beloved children's literature fared in the u.s.?
- Iram Khan

 More Thoughts on School Violence
we need to protect our children not so much from the violence, but more from a pervasive media that convinces them of the importance of their high school years
- Jeremy Baillie

Lawrence & Holloman
-Morris Panych
review by Chris Blank

Is Blood Thicker Than Water? crisis of nationalism in the modern world
-James M. McPherson
review by Iram Khan

bits n pieces
a critical look at the media

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say hi to chapters inc.'s Larry Stevenson

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 interview with Dr. David P. Reiter
views from outside - writer, publisher, and ex-patriot, now working productively in australia.
- james hörner

 (interview removed at author request 11/06/11 jh)

 web review of
- james hörner
actor pat mastroianni, who you likely remember from the degrassi shows, has his own website
 FrontPage ™ Is the Last Page, In My Book
a look at the efficiency of HTML programs
- Robert Marcom

 online guide to writing in canada
related websites for canadian writers and readers
writing in canada

healthy living
 What's In It?
things you should know about aspartame
 Good Food
a recipe for chick-pea burgers
 the performance
- violet kerr

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