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NFA Executive Targets Lack of Social Programs

by D.R. Hammond

i n the aftermath of the Littleton, Colorado and Taber, Alberta tragedies society must not lose track of the root causes of such horrendous violence. Donna Ferolie, Liaison Coordinator with the National Firearms Association of Canada stated that "It is clear from these disasters that Canada not unlike the USA falls short in its social programs targeted at emotionally disturbed youth".

Speaking at northern Ontario gatherings over the past two weeks, Ferolie emphasized that the federal government is way off the mark in its wasteful efforts to bring in universal firearms registration for hunters and target shooters. She estimated that the Chretien liberal regime has wasted over $200 million so far on implementation of this silly legislation with hardly a gun registered, while programs that could help solve the social problems in society at the root of such violence go wanting.

Ferolie stated that "women's' crisis centres across Canada have been closing at an alarming rate due to lack of funding, suicide prevention programs are woefully underfunded and we simply do not have adequate crime prevention programs in place to deal with early detection before emotionally disturbed kids become young offenders". There was also discussion regarding the need for a national registry of violent offenders and a national DNA data bank. Ferolie, who comes from a background in the social services field working with young offenders, parolees and victims of violence, stated that " the NFA is committed to work with governments, communities and victims' rights groups to develop meaningful social programs targeted at crime prevention".

She outlined a plan of action put forward by the NFA entitled the "Practical Firearms Control System" that could readily replace the currently unworkable Firearms Act and cost taxpayers a fraction of the cost thus freeing up hundreds of millions of needed dollars that could go to support the social programs she is advocating. Ferolie said that "it is high time in this country that governments give victims the priority they deserve and support crime prevention programs".

D.R. Hammond is the communications director of the RFOA (Responsible Firearms Owners of Alberta)
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