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Pat Me Up

by james hörner

web review of The Official Pat Mastroianni Web Site

pat Mastroianni, who many of us remember from his work on the Degrassi shows, has taken to the internet as a means of promoting himself and his work.

it's kind of strange to see people flogging themselves so openly, showing you their resume, bio, pictures, and their demo reel. yet when you surf through the site you immediately recognize the value of having such resources available both for you fans and for prospective employers. primarily, though, the site appears to be an authorized fan-site.

what truly marks this as a fan-based site is the message board. this is where one sees the views and thoughts of Pat's fans. as it is with any form of celebrity, the fans seem a bit obsessive. it's worth checking out to see how elemental the Degrassi shows were to people's lives. not to knock Degrassi, since i think most of us enjoyed it at one time or another, but Pat has done work since then.

the most interesting element, which sets this apart from other promo-sites, is the access to Pat's demo reel. i've never seen one before, and it is strange to see how people must sell themselves to a visual medium. it views like a video-collage with one important element in common. beginning with footage conjuring his days of Degrassi, the demo is interestingly crafted, giving us a chance to see the broad range of Pat's abilities. he's acted in a lot things, ranging from John Woo's 'Once A Thief' to 'Godzilla,' showing his capacity for action roles along with strong, psychological characters.

we also see that Pat has many untapped talents such as stock car racing, stunt work (physical and weapons), juggling, as well as "advanced skills in Billiards, Ping-Pong, and Golf."

with talent representation in both Los Angeles and Toronto, Pat attempts to straddle the border in order keep his options open. regardless of how you feel about this, it is a smart maneuver. film-making in canada is continually growing, but how much work is there really? i suspect there isn't enough to feed all the great actors here, which pushes them to a scene whether they can make it big time.

check out this site to see how actors are doing it these days. although the url may leave you feeling a little dirty, you'll get over it.

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