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Lawrence & Holloman

Chris Blank

lawrence & Holloman is a quick witted play with very dark undertones. The characters Lawrence and Holloman, are friends in the strangest of ways. Their quirky dialogue unfolds the absurd plot in delightfully unusual ways.

lawrence and holloman book cover Morris Panych has created a strangely unforgettable play about life and the meaning we all go about trying to find in it. Lawrence and Holloman banter this idea back and forth and live the burning question through their actions.

This would undoubtedly be a humorous play to see performed, but reading it is surely just as delightful. Panych gives these characters such life that it is effortless to hear them argue and ponder in your mind as you read along.

Where others could have come up with lame one liners, Panych has used odd dialogue and situation to create something original, yet harkening to the days of Beckett. Lawrence & Holloman isn't a mere rip-off of Beckett. It is something very much its own. Something you should read.

published by talonbooks
ISBN 0-88922-392-0

Chris Blank is a Vancouver based writer.

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