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august 99
 Discrimination is Okay if You're the Government

- Jeremy Baillie

can we really afford to be so judgemental about those we see around us?
- Rob H.

 Sanity Prevails in the Middle East
a salute to the Israeli electorate for a sane choice of leadership
- Robert Marcom

 coffee: the drug of choice
why are we so addicted to the tar?
- james hörner

Power and Betrayal in the Canadian Media
-David Taras
review by james hörner

Two Murders in My Double Life
-Josef Skvorecky
review by james hörner

bits n pieces
thoughts from readers

 picking craig's brain
ever wonder what goes on inside craig's head? we went inside to find out
- james hörner


healthy living
 The Psychiatric System: So What Is Wrong With It?
"Years ago I was subjected to drug treatment which I neither wanted nor needed. It was imposed on me without my consent"
- Gustavo Gonzalez

 What's In It?
things you should know about hydrogenated oils
 "'He shouldn't have gone,' she whispered silently."
- Dan Lukiv
 Rocky Mountain-Holiday
- Dan Lukiv
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