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Sanity Prevails in the Middle East

by Robert Marcom

i magine that two groups of investors decide to build a railroad. They will each be responsible for one rail of the track. They start off together, each cooperate with the other, and two shiny rails march forward toward the selected destination.

Now, imagine that one investment group decides to change destination. Suppose you watch the expressions on the other side of the track, as the other investors watch the first group veer off, furiously laying track into the wilderness.

Now suppose the first group of investors is the Benyamin (Bebe) Netanyahu Government of Israel. The other group is of course, the Palestinians, and the track is the peace process agreed to in the Wye River Accord. The destination is an Israel, and a Palestine at peace.

Beyamin Netanyahu took the nation of Israel off the track, but not without assistance from the Palestinians. I remember the Arab terrorist bombing campaign; and the stupidly conceived boycott of the national election called for by radical Palestinians.

I remember the consternation among American Jews when the Israeli Arabs largely boycotted the national elections. Netanyahu's victory margin was less than the decline in Arab participation. The Arabs could have defeated Bebe Netanyahu's right-wing political party, thereby carrying Shimon Perez, the party of Rabin, and the people of Israel toward peace.

It may be that Israelis are tired of extreme paranoia and right-wing hatred for deeds long passed. One may hope they are sick of killing their prophets. As one American Jew, I salute the Israeli electorate for a sane choice of leadership, as they begin the third millennium of their experiment in human society. Mazel Tov.

Robert Marcom is currently the administrator of "The Writers' Room," an on-line writer's community.
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