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Faces of Winter
- Dan Lukiv

various haiku and senryu in this collection have appeared in temps libres (Belgium), Green Apples (Slovenia), Current Accounts (England), Japanophile (USA), Point Judith Light (USA), The Piedmont Review (USA), Writerís Exchange (USA),, Borders and Time, Haiku and Tanka Anthology, The Student Voice, and The Westcoast Reader.

I see an iceberg
Glinting in Glacier Bay--
Winter in a pond.

A violet sky--
A comet spreads such white mist
Above tree-dark hills.

A distant dog howls
As a lunar eclipse hangs
Between naked birch.

Bees dead
In ice--what warmth
Fooled them?

The winter sun
Above the river-ice
Above the cold water

Lightning strikes
A single pine
That flies apart.

Straddles the Fraser
Like a clawed beast.

Through frosty glass:
Bushes blurred and black,
Rattling in the wind.

White like a full moon,
Dripping in the sun.

Reaching towards the

Snow-filled trees
Cover this hillside:
Brilliance at dusk.

Snow-dust wind
Snakes along asphalt,
And then itís gone.

Hailstones pound
Winter-dried leaves
That crackle.

And yet rays through this window
Burn my face.

Wind in black
Tree tops, whistling as the
Sun sets.

Tangerine glows
Just above the blue ridge--
Then itís gone.

Pine tops pierce
White fog of the
Cold morning.

Distant rain-streaks,
Dark, falling in cold wind,
Coming this way.

Fills the forest
With sound.

As the rain falls,
Still the wet old woman
Calls her cat.

In darkness,
Barren birch: white and stringy.
My heart quickens.

Northern Lights
Opening and closing
Doors to green.

Wind rattles windows
While a child pretends to sleep
In darkness.

In the forest
Dark trees in midnight-wind

At sunset--
Salmon-clouds with
Red bellies.

Chunks of river-ice
Floating by the wooden bridge--
Faces of winter.

Dan Lukiv is a writer, educator, and frequent contributor to canadian content.
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