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- Nasser Hussain

A breakfast is an old man with sunshine caught between his teeth
unattractively wishing
you you get him some more coffee

A breakfast is signpost on your daily paper route
you read it eaten forget it and
move on

A breakfast is the most important sneer of the day
ham and egg ham and egg and hams and eggs
scram ham sand eggs man damned daily like sad papers

This is true hot grill and spatula
white handle and memory of the stuck pan hand
memory burn hurts now and not later

bacon skaters on lumberjack griddles
adam and eve on a raft writing riddles
and I whittle words into rhymes then

I donít try for a while and recall

ham sand egg soar easy burnt oats on side

this is a casual breakfast breakdown break
essentially gaudy poetry
and the egg sand hammers pound yet another breakfast out


more coffee please
more coiff sheep leads
more cough lotion reliefs

Öa brief cheese dream omlette

and I rise

flap sleep from pancake eyes
          this is this

                                      breakfast time

Nasser Hussain is currently getting a master's in englit and creative writing at u of windsor
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