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"The Insomniac on a Military Base in P.E.I."- from The Ruby of the Universe
- Dan Lukiv

this poem is from The Ruby of the Universe. The title is taken from a line in the final poem, and all of them explore themes related to war. click here to read the others.

Insomniac on a Military Base in P.E.I.

Flashing by a streetlight,
Picking off moths.

I don't like them,
But I did my job in
Liberia and Turkey.

In our bedroom,
I rest elbows on the
Lead paint-window sill.

"Don't sand that stuff,"
The sergeant said.
"It'll make you lose
Your marbles."

I take a deep breath;
Birds dive out of darkness
And then back in:

I'd like to
Shoot them.

My wife stirs behind me:
"What are you doing?"
"I can't sleep."

And then she falls back
To sleep.

Dan Lukiv is a writer, educator, and frequent contributor to canadian content.
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