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"Beer Bottle-Knives"- from The Ruby of the Universe
- Dan Lukiv

this poem is from The Ruby of the Universe. The title is taken from a line in the final poem, and all of them explore themes related to war. click here to read the others.

Beer Bottle-Knives

The creek,
Mindlessly clear,
Spews gems into
Dragonfly-jet stream
And pollen-breeze.

Children, in the
Cold water, play
Like seal-cubs,
Rolling, squealing;

Beer bottle-glass--
Like leftover mines
In French meadows--
Has stabbed her right arch;
Red clouds obscure her
White feet.

Children run to her,
Help her hobble
To the grassy shore.
"Pull it out!"
"Stop the blood!"
"Where's your mum?"

A freckled boy adds,
"You should have worn
Runners, like me":

She, seated amid
Shivering dandelions,
Watches his thin lips move,
And she hates them,

Just as she hates
The blood pouring
From her foot.

Dan Lukiv is a writer, educator, and frequent contributor to canadian content.
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