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Lucy Mountain - John Bourne

"....they told me you were a writer, so I want you to listen to me. I have a story to tell, and I need you to help me tell it. I don't read or write so good, and there's a good reason why........"

don't set me up for appropriation
let me live in my comfort zone

" was in the residential school.........if we spoke our language we would be whipped......abused and night.........raped....."

overwhelm me          with
                and honesty

did you know that your words
would change my life?

                  let me mourn
the conclusion of innocence
and my own shortcoming        because

I will never be able to expose your suffering to the world.

John Bourne is a writer from Holland Landing, Ontario, and has travelled all over Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa. He has published in numerous journals. Read a review of his chapbook A Season Far Removed.
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