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Three Poems

by Richard Provencher

A Senior's Ride

Watch them coming at me
on the sidewalk, must
think this is the Indiana 500

wheel chair rolling quickly
from his push of love

the man in track pants
leans forward, braces himself
exhausted from the wind

must be his wife in the seat
laughing, eyes dancing
head lolling crazily, enjoying
a headlong rush to somewhere.

I can see myself doing that
some day, perhaps I may be
the passenger.

Apartment View

Whew, 90 degrees by the sofa
a cup of tea should cool things off

perhaps another peek out the window
Sally might come along for avisit
or Harry, now that's a handsome man.

Annie rests in her rocking chair
eyes dim from a busy bowel movement

medicine taking hold.

Maybe she'll make a pan of cookies
peanut butter, the ones hubby used to like
he's gone now, two years this August

sure liked Fall colours that man, and
their trip to Cape Breton, nice then

the children now far away in their own
lives, grandchildren all grown up.

The little old lady falls asleep in her
sweet dreams.

Nova Scotia Dust

Car wheels
gravel-grab roughly
at the winding

our guide, a
dusty blur ahead

tail lights
winking from a curve.

Richard Provencher and his wife live in Truro, Nova Scotia

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