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dear departed
- Moushumi Chakrabarty

you come beckoning in a dream

following you, running through
long sunlit corridors, my feet barely touch
the red-tiled floor, so swift are your footsteps
green fields of our childhood
flash past, seen as if from the train
remember? you showing off the tiny fish pond
with your prized goldfish preening and
weaving through water lanes of memory.
we roam in shared laughter, hand in hand
stopping to rest, weakly, in a courtyard
where the blue shade speaks in a slow tongue
of my favourite sugared peanuts which you bought
every summer holiday from the tiny shop beyond,
and ghost stories which you made up to tell
in dark rooms on the third floor, till the orange moon
grew faint, hanging outside the wooden shutters.

Moushumi Chakrabarty is a researcher for a company in canada, and is currently working on a children's novel.
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