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Dear Chapters

Iram Khan

open letter to Chapters/Indigo regarding their customer service and new policies:

Cut up Chapter's Card

Grant Packard
Director of Marketing, Loyalty
100 Alfred Kuehne Blvd.
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 4K4

Dear Mr. Packard,

I am writing to let you know that I will not be renewing my membership to your iREWARDS program. I do realize that it is "fast and easy to renew", but I have not enjoyed "shopping and saving" with you in the past year. I have noticed that the service and atmosphere of Chapters stores have declined considerably. When Chapters first opened in the Lower Mainland, I was an excited beginning teacher willing to spend a lot of money developing my classroom resources through your stores. I enjoyed being able to take my time to peruse through the vast selection of books, magazines, and software. Going to Chapters used to be a wonderful, relaxing, and time saving experience.

In particular, I have been upset with the Metrotown Chapters location in Burnaby. The decline began with the cutting of your stock. This was, I suppose, to encourage customers to order books from the Chapters' website. It was quite frustrating, though, to not be able to find simple books like any version of "The Enormous Turnip" or any books on Hanukkah. I was told that they could be ordered, but I did not have the time to wait for the books to arrive.

Then, to my dismay, I overheard another Chapters employee telling an elderly woman that the bathrooms were permanently closed and that she would have to walk to the mall bathroom on the upper level. Sadly, she responded, "My knees can't take that, dear."

My last visit to Chapters was the worst. After picking up two very interesting books, I decided to sit and wait for my husband. He too had a few books in his hands that he was wishing to buy. I walked all over the store, and realized that all the chairs and couches had been removed. These overstuffed pieces of furniture used to be one of the highlights of a store that encouraged its customers to browse and enjoy their shopping experience. Due to the lack of seating I picked a spot where there wasn't too much traffic and sat on the carpet. Five minutes later, I was brusquely told by an employee that "Sitting on the floor is not encouraged." In shock I stood up and apologized. A few moments later, upon giving her comment more thought, I was so angry that I encouraged my husband to leave with me. We were going to spend over eighty dollars that day, but we have now found these books from our local independent booksellers.

These reasons are why I will not be shopping at any of your stores again. Enclosed is my Chapters iREWARDS card.

Iram Khan

Iram Khan prefers Kidsbooks.

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