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Trapeze: Life is a Highway

Adam Wilson

trapeze is the latest greatest hits offering from an artist that both a) has had better days, and b) is not someone I'm overly familiar with.


As far as Tom Cochrane goes, the first time I ever heard of him was when Life is a Highway became a giant hit. Little did I know that he fronted a popular Canadian rock group called Red Rider. Not only that, but Red Rider had some pretty good songs too.

This set consists of three CDs.

The first disk houses all the big Red Rider hits like Big League, Boy Inside the Man, White Hot, Lunatic Fringe and Good Times. Besides these five songs, there are a lot of other good songs. One of the new songs, Just Like Ali is another solid offering from Red Rider that shows some new musical direction and, potentially, the start of a new full-length album from the group.

The second disk is a Tom Cochrane solo greatest this CD. I found this album much more entertaining than the Red Rider hits. Most of these songs I'd heard and grew up with. No matter how much you like, or don't like, to admit it, Life is a Highway means something to everyone. There are other classic Cochrane solo hits like Sinking Like a Sunset, Dreamer's Dream and No Regrets on this disk as well.

The third is a live Red Rider reunion CD. It has seven live songs of the reunited band playing some of their and Cochrane's solo hits live.

Overall, this album is pretty decent. There are some really good selections on here, but there is also a lot of so-so material. Kudos for packaging and for finding seventeen Red Rider "hits". The Cochrane disk would (and should) stand alone without the rest of the material on here. A better idea would have been to combine all material on one disk and release it as a combined hits package.

It's a learning experience for this reviewer though. I have garnered new appreciation for Tom Cochrane's song writing ability through listening closely to the words he wrote for Red Rider. Good Times, Lunatic Fringe and Boy Inside the Man and now some of my favourite songs. I've also learned that just because you like a few songs by a band, getting hooked up with a copy of their greatest hits CD doesn't necessarily mean that you'll like many more songs than those you already knew.

Track Listing
Disk One

  1. White Hot
  2. Avenue A
  3. Lunatic Fringe
  4. Light in the Tunnel
  5. Power (Strength in Numbers)
  6. Human Race
  7. Can't Turn Back
  8. Napoleon Sheds his Skin
  9. Neruda
  10. Young Thing, Wild Dreams (Rock Me)
  11. Boy Inside the Man
  12. The Untouchable One
  13. Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue)
  14. Big League
  15. Victory Day
  16. Good Times
  17. Just Like Ali

Disk Two

  1. Life is a Highway
  2. Mad Mad World
  3. NO Regrets
  4. Sinking Like a Sunset
  5. Washed Away
  6. Brave and Crazy
  7. I Wish You Well
  8. Wildest Dreams
  9. Paper Tigers
  10. Dreamers Dream
  11. I Wonder
  12. Stonecutter's Arms
  13. Pictures from the Edge

Disk Three

  1. This is the World
  2. Big League
  3. Good Times
  4. NO Regrets
  5. Life is a Highway
  6. Lunatic Fringe
  7. Boy Inside the Man

contrary to popular belief, adam wilson IS still alive and working with canadian content. he can be reached at

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