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january 00
~ looking in on residential schools and their effects
~ why modern marriage isn't always moral
~ reflections on jane siberry
~ a jewish look on millennial celebrations
~ predictions for the future of humanity
~ interview w/ ted warnell
~ web reviews, book reviews and widgets

november 99
~ unsolicited psychiatric treatment
~ global fear and loathing
~ victorians in our midst
~ do you trust insurance companies?
~ the right questions open kids' minds
~ tarnished cross: insult to injury
~ revolutionizing parental leave
~ schools going corporate
~ reaction to bill reid's habits
~ book reviews and delightful miscellany

october 99
~ the language police
~ virtual democracy
~ what you do not know can kill you
~ Fallout from Kosovo : NATO vs. the United Nations
~ The Word on the Street, Vancouver-Style
~ O Canada! Canada as intellectual colony of the US
~ I Wanna Be a Canadian
~ book reviews, media-bites, poetry, and stuff

september 99
~ perils and parallels of computer use
~ looking at Muriel Wylie Blanchet's Curve of Time
~ avril! saying goodbye to cbc's avril benoît.
~ identity crisis: can canculture survive
~ nationalize rogers cablesystems!
~ book reviews, a recipe and stickers.

august 99
~ discriminations ok if you're the government
~ misconceptions
~ sanity prevails in the middle east
~ coffee: the drug of choice
~ the psychiatric system: so what is wrong with it?
~ book reviews, web review, poetry, and subatomic particles

july 99
~ failed ontario elections
~ school uniform debate
~ letter from our b.c. correspondent
~ canadian broadcasts' international coverage
~ violence is nothing new
~ interview with's Ninjalicious
~ interview with poet and educator Garry Gottfriedson
~ webreview, book reviews, poetry, fiction, other bits n pieces, b12, and vanadium

june 99
~ nato apologizes?
~ censorship of canadian children's literature
~ more on the sask. nurses strike
~ thoughts on school violence
~ a look at letters to the editor
~ canadian children's literature in the u.s.
~ interviews with david reiter and kathy sinclair
~ webreview of, book reviews, and lots more

may 99
~ residential school healing
~ saving our jails
~ saskatchewan nursing strikes
~ youth criminal justice act
~ webreview, book reviews, and the usual stuff

april 99
~ a personal view on nato's involvement in serbia
~ first nations education
~ stores can't cut it in the u.s.
~ a look at education today
~ q&a with robert munsch
~ webreview, book reviews, poetry, healthy living, and more

march 99
~ problems caused by northern uranium mining
~ nunavut official!
~ changes at saturday night magazine
~ interviews with george bowering,
hal niedzviecki, and david. a tomlinson
~ webreview, health, book reviews, writing, and more

february 99
~ sterlization and eugenics in canada
~ do we know each other?
~ leave the rodent alone! a look at groundhog day
~ where have all the great coliseums gone?
~ interview with r.u. sirius
~ interview with pierre bourque
~ webreview, health, prose, book reviews, more...

january 99
~ the literary highway
~ canada's political future
~ our role in the international space program
~ should we keep the queen?
~ webreview of
~ poetry/prose, book/zine reviews, more

december 98
~ a few looks at the media/advertising
~ the DEW line and the bill canada has to foot
~ internet genealogy
~ cartoons, book reviews, more...

november 98
~ are we really 24/7?
~ apartment pets
~ new drivers are idiots
~ q and a, reviews, etc.

october 98
~ boring old canadian history?
~ tv addiction
~ the interac advantage?
~ q and a, reviews, etc.

september 98
~ hemp farming in canada
~ media sex
~ clinton, plato & comic books
~ our worthless dollar
~ comics, reviews, more.

june 98
~ media influences on perceptions of reality
~ everyone has a homepage, but who cares?
~ religion in canada
~ q and a, etc.

may 98
~ am i vulnerable to technology?
~ merger mania: a look at bank mergers
~ the future ain't what it seems
~ milk doesn't do my body good

april 98
~ and have a good one!
~ the two directions of canada's foreign policy
~ minimum wage workers are humans too?
~ canada sucks