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Sex, Ad's and Rock n' Roll
- Justin Hummel

unless we destroy their influence, ads try their damnedest to constantly manipulate us
DEW Line Doo-Doo - Iram Khan
the u.s. paid for the construction of DEW line sites in canada's north in the 1950's, and today canada is footing the cleanup bill
toilet paper - james hörner
the newspaper is filled to the margins with generic national news, not much local content
Who Am I? - Internet Genealogy
- Chris Blank

why are we so driven to find our roots? a look at online research into family past
antoine the intrepid french child - japh
Dreams of Millenium: report from a culture on the brink-Mark Kingwell
review by Chris Blank
True North: The Yukon and Northwest Territories-William R. Morrison
review by Iram Khan
a canadian classic
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder-James DeMille
review by Nora Marsh
nfb film of the month
The Tibetan Book of the Dead
review by Chris Blank
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