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Global Fear and Loathing:
the Hypocrisy of Peacekeeping as War in Eurasia

by Stephen H. Kawamoto

from the evidence I have discovered, it appears that NATO's recent involvement in the Balkans and the UN's earlier involvement in the breakup of the Yugoslav republic, was initially precipitated by the failure of the Communists in their attempt to re-establish the Soviet dictatorship in Moscow prior to the pro-democracy, anti-government rally in Beograd [Belgrade] on March 9, 1991.

However, those people who say this is a small war between NATO and Serbia over Kosova [Kosovo] with Albanian Muslims as the injured party are too myopic to see the larger picture where the two major superpowers Russia and America, are trying to carve out a post-Cold War empire made out of broken promises and fast-food franchise economic recovery plans.

We must not ever lose sight of the fact that the Serbs are the victims here, too - of the cold-hearted spin-doctor war by an American PR firm, who shall remain nameless, since people who help to falsely create rumors should never be mentioned, lest they gain more validity in this new world order mythology of greater Serbia as the new incarnation of Nazism and Hitler-like violence against a helpless people.

We were supposed to be credulous of the claims of Albanian Muslims as victims of Serb-led ethnic cleansing, when the truth was closer to the rebel UCK guerillas being as bloody in their raids against Serbs as the Serb militias were against innocent Albanian Muslims in Kosova.

Meanwhile, the 1994-1996 Chechen problem in Russia has similar echoes of ethnic cleansing with whole Chechen villages being wiped off the map, along with vital communications centres that could counteract the propaganda from Moscow now being broadcast as truth.

When objectively analyzed, both the Balkan situation and the Chechen situation are the same: Slavs are working against the weather to ensure cultural genocide will at least get rid of the independence-minded elements amongst the Muslims.

It does not matter if they are Albanian or Chechen.

What matters is that Yugoslav Serbs are the enemy, and that Chechen rebels are the bad guys.

For after all, both Russia and the Kosova Muslims are our friends and allies, and we are supposed to be loyal to them, not to the dogs as the other side has been painted by the media.

Yet it matters not that both the Serbs of the former Yugoslav republic and the Chechens of the Caucasus mountains have been branded the bad guys, especially when both the Serbs and the Chechen who are not part of the army or police are innocent civilians who are equally tarred with the same journalistic brush.

Likewise, it matters not to NATO or the Russian military might. This is why in Kosova, NATO allowed planes to kill indiscriminately. They could always regret the mistake. In Chechen, Russia must battle against the coming winter and exterminate the Chechen rebels so that it can keep this Caucasus province within its rapidly crumbling empire. In Kosova, NATO has claimed the land in the name of peace, but with truth and justice unfairly divided, it seems more prudent to consider this just desserts.

Perhaps the US used this military exercise as punishment against Milosevic for the death of an obscure American statesman and a handful of businessmen years earlier. But it still comes back to the bigger picture: the vying of two superpowers for control of the lucrative economic potential of the Balkans.

This consists of both legitimate industry and illegitimate industry:

  1. Drugs
  2. Prostitution
  3. Minerals
  4. Petroleum refineries
  5. Manufactured goods
However, the situation in the Balkans now is a matter of time, of cleaning the battlefields of bombs and mines as the political arena is cleared of Milosevic and the vestiges of communism, an anachronism that should have died 8 years ago had the Americans actually been more organized and more willing to trust the peace movement that has been gradually gaining strength in the Balkans since the late 1980s.

The Holocaust in the 21st Century continues except this time it is the Muslims, and it began in the 1920s and has never stopped

It was only a matter of time for Milosevic back in 1991. However, the media circus pulled in the UN and later NATO, and most Pulitzer Prizes won due to reporting on the Yugloslav scene is based on public relations spin-doctoring and a less-than-objective analysis of the Balkan crisis.

As for the Chechens, it appears our fears of a possible nuclear confrontation prevents us from vocally condemning Russia for its current pogrom against the rebels. The best we can do is politely request Russia to end a fruitless war, so that peace can prevail in the Caucasus. However, it is regretful that ethnic cleansing must crush the seeds of independence within the territory of a friendly nation.

Having said this, I find myself ashamed that the West is hypocritical in its response to the Eurasia conflicts now festering. It's bad enough that the Balkan conflict was contained by the means of strategic manipulation of the news and especially of the truth.

Likewise do I especially feel enraged that no one in the media has ever offered the opinion that perhaps Slavs are the oppressors and Muslims the fall guys in the Caucasus.

Therefore it has to be said:

The Holocaust in the 21st Century continues except this time it is the Muslims, and it began in the 1920s and has never stopped. Today, the Serbians are aiding those Western interests that broke up the Turkish Kalifa. Today, Russians are wiping out the Caucasus Turks. And tomorrow, it is hoped the Persian Muslim fundamentalists are successfully controlled.

I beg to differ.

We should leave the Turks alone, and allow the Muslims to remain at peace. This cannot be achieved by bombs, but by food. This is not the time and place for the selling of arms and its global distribution by mainly greedy men who have nothing better to do with their money and time. War is an exceedingly wasteful economy with no socially redeeming value. And we have done the Muslims and the world a disfavor in continuing in the tradition of primitive warfare using high-tech means.

It is not right and proper to resort to bombs and guns against the enemy when that supposed enemy was a minority voice in its sovereign territory.

This is the case for Serbian Yugoslavia, throughout its former territory. The media helped push for war, and its part in the tragedy should not be ignored. A few newspeople even won Pulitzer Prizes for promoting war against the Serbs. Thus the media glorified war, and are equally guilty of war crimes along with Milosevic and other guilty Serbs, various UCK gunsmen, and the motley handful of NATO participants in this travesty of justice.

I am seriously considering giving up my Canadian citizenship because my own nation has severely compromised its purported role as global peace keeper and upholder of peace and non-violence

At the same time, Russia is culpable for its part by supplying Serbia with biological and chemical weapons. This was why Russian troops held one airport - to protect itself from potential embarrassment. Meanwhile, it is allowed to continue its cultural genocide against the Chechens with only weak and tepid objections from the UN and equally spineless responses from its trade allies.

Meanwhile, there is little hostility against the Americans who dragged in the aligned nations into this mess. Perhaps some of us fear possible embargoes against us for dragging our heels, or for wanting out of this waste of resources and time.

Yes, the Balkan conflict is a decade of war, of waste, and of whining. And the biggest whiners were the Americans who to this day will not pay their bill to the UN. Perhaps we should stop looking to Washington DC for the money. Maybe the Gates will be more amenable or even the doves amongst the corporations; that is, if we can sell to them the idea that peace and non-violence is more lucrative than bombs and guns.

Yet this is laughable when we have arms manufacturer getting proud as a peacock when someone tells them how bloody effective their weapons are in the hands of criminals, be it a gangster in LA or a paramilitary leader in the Balkans.

Well, it is November 1999, and this is a very disgusting way to ringing the old year out. NATO just ruined my Millennium celebration, and I am seriously considering giving up my Canadian citizenship because my own nation has severely compromised its purported role as global peace keeper and upholder of peace and non-violence. Diefenbaker would be rolling over in his grave, since this recent debacle proves once again how much a sell-out Pearson was.

I condemn the federal Liberals and anyone aligned with the present war hawk attitude of Ottawa. Along with the NATO-aligned nations, especially America, they are as equally guilty of war crimes as the Serb military and other adherents to the Milosevic coalition. They have betrayed the democracy movement in Serbia which had control of the majority of Serbian cities, and are hypocritical in any claim to protecting democracy, especially by violent means.

Somehow, the International decade of peace (2000-2010) is going to be off to a rocky start.

Stephen Kawamoto resides in Surrey, BC Canada, a rapidly growing suburb of Vancouver, BC. He now goes to vocational school. Currently he runs his own computer hardware and software business, barely making ends meet. Through it all, Eastern philsophy serves as inspiration for his writings.
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