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november 1999

buy nothing day!
don't forget - november 26th is
buy nothing day!

 Burning the Globe
our b.c. correspondent looks at the reaction over Bill Reid's sculpting habits
- Kathy Sinclair

review of *spark-online
- james hörner

cover of 49th Parallel Psalm

49th Parallel Psalm
-Wayde Compton

review by
james hörner

 Victim Impact Statement
"pertaining to unsolicited psychiatric treatment I received in Canada between 1986 and 1995"
- Gustavo Gonzalez

 Global Fear and Loathing
"the Hypocrisy of Peacekeeping as War in Eurasia"
- Stephen H. Kawamoto

 Victorians In Our Midst...
the canlit reincarnation scandal
- Ann Diamond

 Who Do You Trust?
the Rascal Ranger casts jaundiced eye upon insurance companies...
- Robert Marcom

 How Big Is the Universe?
the right questions can open up a kid's mind
- Dan Lukiv

 Tarnished Cross: Insult To Injury
"I have always thought that we as Canadians had a little more tact, a little more compassion. I always thought that we would honour the families of our fallen Canadian's with a bit more understanding. "
- Mark Preston

 Revolutionizing Parental Leave
the liberal government and their parental leave policy. where do dads fall in?
- Dylan Reid

 going corporate
wal-mart will sponsor 163 canadian schools - are they training future consumers?
- james hörner
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