what the hell?!

did anyone else notice those rotten little hard liquor adverts that have been popping up now and again on cbc television? i don't smoke, but i've got to say what the freak is the crtc doing allowing hard liquor ads and not smoking ads? are they all drunk out of their gourds? "i know, let's screw philip morris and the rest of those tobacco pushing bastards, and instead let's propogate hard liquor, drunk driving, and alcoholism! maybe we'll run spousal abuse and divorce ads next!"

maybe i've been inhaling the car exhaust which clogs our streets a little too deeply. then again, maybe they'll probably start running adverts for columbian cocaine cartels before they ever think of touching on cash-crop like grade a canada-grown weed in a minute.

from the "advertising" section of the British Columbia Liquor Control & Licensing Act

(6) The general manager may refuse to approve an advertisement that is not in the best interest of the public and in particular a manufacturer's advertisement shall not

(a) contain family scenes, drinking scenes or minors

(b) associate liquor with the operation of a motor vehicle, aircraft, boat or snow vehicle,

(c) claim for the liquor any healthful effects or benefits,

(d) create the impression that liquor may be used or consumed in a way or manner prohibited by law.

whew! i'm golly-darn glad they laid these guidelines out. i can't imagine what advertising would be like without regulations...

here's some links relating to advertising in canada:

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Ottawa, 1 August 1996 new regulatory framework governing the broadcast of alcoholic beverage advertising

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CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission - Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des tÚlÚcommunications canadiennes.

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