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bill carlson

The book review of LIFE-25: Interviews With Prisoners Serving Life Sentences got me thinking more about how goddamn stupid our country is. It doesn't make much sense that me, you, and everyone else is paying taxes every year to keep people imprisoned who have more than paid their time behind bars. Like how the review said that people aren't really being fixed in prison after seven years anyway. I say it's about time we saw some prison reform which for once looked out for the needs and rehabilitation of the prisoners. We need to become a more compassionate society that will accept that people have done bad things but can actually change themselves to be better people. If we don't become a more caring society now then we are just going to be putting more criminals out on the street anyways. Like that book shows how a lot of the guys in prison are there because of screwed up childhoods and stuff. We have to be there for both future children and for people who do slip through the safety net and get messed up and end up in prison. Maybe prison reform is the first step in being a better Canada.

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