canadian classics

settlers of the marsh
isbn: 0-7710-9961-4
pub: mclelland & stewart
Settlers of the Marsh - Frederick Philip Grove

reviewed by Nora Marsh

This story largely revolves around Swedish immigrant Niels Lindstedt. Niels is a practical man, incapable of expressing his emotions, and this both drives his character and the plot. With solid prose Frederick Philip Grove conveys the feelings of confusion that overwhelm Niels, as well as the stark, rugged lifestyle that he leads while starting a farm in the Canadian Prairies. Settlers of the Marsh was first published in 1925, but remains as powerful today as it must have been when it was first released.

An interesting side note is that Frederick Philip Grove was in fact Felix Paul Greve, an immigrant from West Prussia. Later in life Grove/Greve wrote an autobiography, In Search of Myself, which proved to be fictitious. Another interesting Canadian character himself, Grove is well worth reading.

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