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 The Language Police
who's afraid of the language police? some people sure are.
- Robert M. Smith

 Virtual Democracy
is it time for the real thing?
- Robert Marcom

 What You Do Not Know Can Kill You
there is enough negativity to make the healthiest of people sick
- Gustavo Gonzalez

 Fallout from Kosovo : NATO vs. the United Nations
nato, the u.n., & the u.s., oh my!
- Jeremy Baillie

 The Word on the Street, Vancouver-Style
imagine 225,000 canadians spending one whole day reading, writing, listening to authors read, and supporting small book and magazine publishers...
- Kathy Sinclair

 O Canada! Canada as intellectual colony of the US
looking at the americanization of the minds of canadians through the mass media
- Stephen H. Kawamoto

 I Wanna Be a Canadian
canada's supposed to be the best country to live in, right? - a look at this wacky country of ours.
- Gustavo Gonzalez

book cover scars on th seehors
-bill bissett
review by james hörner

Establishing Our Boundaries
-Anton Wagner, ed.

review by james hörner

october 99

      language police!

 web review of
- james hörner
find out what fun awaits you at spumco!
healthy living
 Good Food
a recipe for apple crisp
 There's No Ism Like Fascism
- Robert M. Smith
 I Used To Watch Place Ville Marie Melting In The Rain
- Robert M. Smith
bits n pieces
a baby goes flying off a suspension bridge, parents try to ban halloween - it's been a busy month in the media

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