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scars on th seehors

james hörner

if you haven't read any of bill bissett's books in a while, or not at all, you initially feel disoriented, facing what seems to be a new language, a new way of being. but what you have is wonder. words stand naked, revealing their true selves, their other lives. bill takes your hand and slowly leads you into his surreal, mythological world where carying and concern are foremost.

scars on th seehors book cover many of the 'pomes' are political:

suspendid balls in space erth sun moon
agenseez quaint n dreamee sumtimez
what was b4 whats cumming reelee
they fight n kill abt theyr versyuns
n take plutonium in2 space n feed
chickn shit 2 cows kill peopul with
lethal pharmasuitakuls

and all throughout bill reminds us that "th futur uv salmon is us."

this is also a book of love and sex, playful eroticism and relationships.

regardless of the topic it is plain to see that bill is very passionate, the poems full of life and vibrance. and humour, don't forget the humour because this book is full of laughs and wordplay.

be sure to go watch bill do a reading if you can - it is fantastic, and it will only make reading his books better by hearing his voice in your head.

published by talonbooks
ISBN 0-88922-387-4

james hörner edits canadian content.

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