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The Baby Blues

james hörner

the Baby Blues presents a day at a pow wow, a variety of characters converging to enjoy the festivities but ending the day by better understanding themselves.

The Baby Blues book cover we are introduced to fancy dancers Skunk and Noble, anthropologist Summer who is exploring her distant native roots, Amos the vendor, and Pashik and Jenny, the mother/daughter dynamic. through these characters Drew Hayden Taylor sets up a simple premise with hilarious results.

Noble is the 38 year old fancy dancer, while Skunk is his young rival who Noble recognizes as a younger version of himself. Through the other characters we focus on Noble coming to grips with both aging as well as his identity. he learns that he can be much more than a six day a week partier who jumps from pow wow to pow wow. Noble requires the help of the other characters to help him along in his journey.

some have called this a "Native version of a British sex farce" and i think that could accurately describe some of the plot. there is more than that here, though, with the social satire extending far beyond just sex. largely it looks at stereotypes in general and laughs at them.

sometimes the humour is a bit too corny, but there are so many laughs injected into this play that it is great fun overall. Taylor has a good feel for dialogue, and it reads very smoothly with the characters really coming to life. relax, kick your feet up, and enjoy The Baby Blues.

published by talonbooks
ISBN 0-88922-406-4

james hörner edits canadian content.

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