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by George Eckerston

avril! Where have you gone? Mornings are bland now that they have axed the only female voice on CBC's This Morning. One morning I was at work listening to the program as I always do when all of sudden Avril Benoît announces that she will not be coming back after the summer. She is moving on to greener pastures in radio.

Avril! Even now it baffles me to understand why the CBC would get rid of such a talented personality. I thought that corporations would keep employees that did their jobs well and did much to improve the CBC's profile. With Avril out of the way This Morning is hosted only by Michael Enright with Dick Gordon and Rosie Rowbotham there to do special reports. I like Michael Enright. Not as much as Peter Gzowski but I like him anyway. Even better was the team of Michael and Avril. Now we are left with Michael and I'm afraid three hours of mostly his voice is too much for me.

There is something refreshing about hearing a soft feminine voice first thing in the morning. I am not sexist but I prefer the sound of a woman's voice any day. How many listeners tuned in to This Morning because of Avril's voice without even realizing it? I would bet money that their ratings don't return this fall.

All this because of deep cuts to the CBC. Either that or you have host turnovers. A good example is Lister Sinclair turning over his 16 year reign of Ideas to longtime contributor Paul Kennedy. Sinclair is not being let go but "is moving on to develop a series of special programmes that will be aired starting next year on CBC Radio." Some employees are luckier than others.

One significant loss is Avril's understanding of Quebec and its politics. Her views provided important insight into our country. I wonder who will pick up this important angle now.

We can hope that the government is not so ridiculous in its funding for the CBC in the future. Whenever a government doesn't like what they hear WHACK the CBC budget is cut. This forces "restructuring" in the CBC which causes good personalities to be "cut" from the airwaves.

Which ever way you look at it mornings will not be the same.

Let the CBC know what you think about this. Here is their contact information:

Tel: (416) 205-3700
Fax: (416) 205-6134


This Morning
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1E6

For some reason Avril's page can still be accessed although it is no longer listed on the This Morning web page:

George Eckerston is an avid CBC listener.
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