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                    september 98

Hemp Farming in Canada - Chris Blank
a look at the rebirth of an industry. just this spring canada watched hemp farming become a licensed practice once again.

Media Sex - Martin Dekker
a couple of teenagers announce to the world that they are going to lose their virginity online. the question is does the evening news really need to advertise this event to the an all-ages audience?

Clinton & Plato & Comic Books - Jeremy Baillie
looks at how we want our heroes to be flawed, like us.

A Piece of Metallic Crap - Martin Dekker
a rant also examining the role and responsibility of the media, this time looking at their reporting on our pathetic currency.

A Leaf In the Bitter Wind: A Memoir -Ting-Xing Ye
review by Nora Marsh

Mrs. King: Her Life and Times
review by Nora Marsh

what the hell?!

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