A Piece of Metallic Crap

By Martin Dekker

And what of our bleeding dolar? So what if it's nothing more than a piece of Metallic Crap?

The news...that Holy institution of social irresponsibility

What gets me is the media and their constant reminder of how our dollar is at an "all time low" every second day. Is this responsible reporting? I hardly dare think so. There's a small thing called Consumer Confidence that has been pounded into the floorboards because of the flagrant barrage of "our dollar is shit" reporting.

How does this realistically affect the average person? Not a whole hell of a lot. If I hadn't heard the dreary fact day after day on the tube I probably wouldn't have even noticed.

The real people who care are the stock market folks, buying and selling the dollar, treating it as nothing more than a get-rich commodity. And the people who actually give a piss can easily watch the dollar plummet at the VSE, TSE, WSE, ETC.

So where does this leave us average folk? Scraping out our trousers in fear of our dripping, liquid currency? Perhaps it will if we listen to the news; that Holy institution of social irresponsibility.

But I never learn, so tonight I will once again tune into my daily dose of commercialism, marketing and scare tactics. Tonight I will once again fall prey to its primate mentality and turn into that TV zombie I despise.

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