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Large Canadian Roadside Attractions

Iram Khan

click here for a sample of some of their photos.

those of you who have never travelled across Canada, or who have purposely stayed away from the "touristy" places, you are definitely missing out on a "large" part of Canada. You will be rescued, though, after visiting the amazing web site, Large Canadian Roadside Attractions.

Whatever motivated Ed Solonyka to collect and post photos of these strange tourist beacons is beyond me, but viewing them on this website is an interesting and educational experience.

Photos of over a hundred large Canadian roadside attractions are organized alphabetically, provincially, and into categories such as: Insects, Coins, Food, and Crustaceans. To pique your interest here are some of the names of the attractions:

  • Josiah Flintabetty Flonatin (Flinty) from Flin Flon, Manitoba
  • World's Largest Oil Can from Rocanville, Saskatchewan
  • Biggest Piggy Bank in the World from Coleman, Alberta
  • Pinto MacBean from Bow Island, Alberta
  • Ms Claybelt the Cow from Dymond, Ontario
  • World's Largest Axe - Nackawic, New Brunswick
Always looking for more, Ed Solonyka encourages visitors to donate photos that they have taken in the past. This site is regularly updated so visit often.

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