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july 1999

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"Large Canadian Roadside Attractions"

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 interview with Ninjalicious
a few words from urban explorer and the mind behind the Infiltration zine
- james hörner

 interview with Garry Gottfriedson
q&a with the first nations poet and educator
- james hörner

 Large Canadian Roadside Attractions
Ed has collected photos of attractions from across the country
- Iram Khan

 Visit the Maritimes
without leaving your computer
healthy living
 Values - Food Rant
why is it that you have to be wealthy to be healthy?
- Jan Edwards

 Good Food
a recipe for lentil chili
 The Divine Suicide (Ch. 1)
- John E. Tannock
- Colin Morton

 All For Nothing
when all the votes were counted on election day, Ontario received an altogether different result which will inevitably change the face of the province forever. what happened?
- John Bourne

 Made to Wear
a look at the school uniform debate
- Jeremy Baillie

 Letter From B.C.
current affairs from our b.c. correspondent
- Kathy Sinclair

 Rascal Ranger's Media Madness
a look at Canadian Broadcasts' International as one of the least biased or censored sources for international news
- Robert Marcom

 Reality Check
our culture has always been violent and to act like it is a new phenomenon means we will never find a way to make it less violent
- Jeremy Baillie

Trivia Pursuit
-Knowlton Nash
review by Iram Khan

The Divine Suicide
-John E. Tannock
review by james hörner

-Jim Christy
review by Chris Blank

bits n pieces
 Appearance Guidelines
find out what The Bay demands of its employees

 Bon Voyage
some interesting things the government thinks you should know before leaving the country

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