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Junkman & Other Stories

Chris Blank

as one would expect from Jim Christy, Junkman is full of assholes and losers. But it is also full of compassionate people who do the right thing or at least try to.

junkman book cover At his best, Christy is wonderfully honest. He gives us portraits that sometimes hang crooked, sometimes don't use the colours we like, but always try to give us the truth.

He is compared to the likes of Charles Bukowski, a writer decadent and honest in his own writings. Yet I wonder if too much is made of this connection. The fact that Bukowski liked Christy's writings is noted on the back, and in fact Christy has produced a short work looking at Bukowski (The Buk Book). Even in Junkman there is a story that is obviously a representation of Bukowski.

Much is made of Bukowski, and not enough of Christy. Jim Christy often has you thinking he is going to write brutally honest clichés, then delivers a truth more vicious than you could have expected. Other times the stories are charming and even quaint.

These stories are good reading for the most part. Some of them seem rushed or end as if Christy put the story down and came back to it months later. However the writing is strong and compelling throughout. And hey, if you don't like the one you're reading there's sure to be another to knock you on your ass.

Read this book if you want to be refreshed. Open up Junkman and expect the truth you don't always want but will always crave once it's gone.

published by ekstasis editions
ISBN 1-896860-36-2

Chris Blank is a Vancouver based writer.

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