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 interview with Ed Z.
Ed talks about the death penalty and current teen violence
- james hörner

 Adbusters--Culture Jamming Headquarters
- Angela Pancella
the problem, as seen by adbusters (, a vancouver- based media watchgroup hoping to start a revolution
 Prison and Legal Resources Online
- Iram Khan
prison and legal related websites
healthy living
 What's In It?
things you should know about MSG
 Good Food
a recipe for corn-bean stacks
 Touching Bear
- David Reiter

 Residential School Healing
what is the united church of canada and the government doing about it? (part two of a two part look at residential schools in canada)
- Iram Khan

 Save Our Jails
a look at how the brant-haldimand-norfolk citizen's action committee is fighting to keeping the burtch correctional centre running
- Jim Fraser

 Our Countryman, Roy?
for more than a decade, the voice of saskatchewan nurses has been squelched, misinterpreted and worse, ignored.
- Bernadette L. Wagner

 Youth Criminal Justice?
considering the new youth criminal justice act
- Francine Thompson

The Shamrock and the Shield
-Patricia Burns
review by Nora Marsh

Justice in Aboriginal Communities
-Ross Gordon Green
review by Iram Khan

Save Me, Joe Louis
-M.T. Kelly
review by Chris Blank

Sentences and Paroles
-Eds. P.J. Murphy & Jennifer Murphy
review by james hörner
bits n pieces
a critical look at the media

 get to know a ceo
say hello to Stephen E. Bachand

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