Stop the Bombing!

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by Milana Sablic

i saw the skyline of my hometown flare up on CNN. After an hour of trying, I reached my mother on the phone. My mother said "We are old people, so don't worry, we would die anyway". A bomb had hit an abandoned building of a military school 100 meters away from my brother's house. They don't have a bomb shelter. His children lay on the floor of their apartment and waited for the siren to announce the end of attack.

vancouver protest I made a poster with a picture of my niece who is six. Underneath the picture I wrote "She is sitting in a bomb shelter in Belgrade. Please stop bombing!" I posted it on my apartment door, and somebody tore it down. I put up another one.

Nobody speaks to me at work. When our eyes meet, they look away. Could this be guilt?

vancouver protest Every night we demonstrate in front of Vancouver Art Gallery. We were about two thousand people on Saturday. We march to the US Consulate. We chant and blow our whistles. Everything is peaceful. On Monday, we lay toys in front of the Consulate for the children in bomb shelters in Yugoslavia.

When I talk to my friends in Belgrade, some of them are defiant. Some of them weep. They can't bring themselves to pronounce "bomb shelter" they just say "We went there again last night."

vancouver protest I saw a long line of refugees fleeing Kosovo. Albanians and Serbs. Brothers and neighbors. Killing each other and being killed by the third party. The worst bombing so far has taken place in the capital of Kosovo. When the bombing stops, these people won't have a place to go back to.

I went to volunteer at the Serbian Church. We spent the whole morning looking for some misplaced Serbian flags to use at the demonstrations. We were three people. Knowing how the demonstrations are organized, I'm amazed at the turnout.

They tore down the poster from our door again. My husband spraypainted the words: "Stop bombing Yugoslav people" on our door.

vancouver protest

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