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 q&a with Robert Munsch
a few words from the internationally loved children's author
-Iram Khan & james hörner

 Educational Spotlight: Jubilee 2000
- Angela Pancella
a web review looking at the Jubilee 2000 movement
 Education Online
- Iram Khan
some useful websites for educators
 Wired Education
- james hörner
looking at how the b.c. govt. plans to have all it's schools wired by the year 2000
healthy living
 Other Than Drugs
peace of mind without medication
 What's In It?
things you should know about BHT & BHA
 Good Food
a recipe for banana-nut muffins
 One Wide Sky
- Susan Ioannou
 Poetic Justice
- Morgan Gregory

 Stop the Bombing!
a personal reflection on nato's bombing of serbia
- Milana Sablic

 A Brief History of the Education of First Nations Children
part one of a two part article
- Iram Khan

 Can't Cut It Down South
future shop comes back to canada with it's tail between it's legs- is this a trend?
- james hörner

 Computerized Report Cards
a system which seems riddled with problems
- Dan Delong

 What is "The City"?
looking at ctv's new urban tv show
- Chris Blank

 Education Today: what teachers have to say
teachers from across canada give their views on education today
- Iram Khan

The Death of Hockey
-Jeff Z. Klein & Karl-Eric Reif
review by Nora Marsh

-Russell Smith
review by Chris Blank
bits n pieces
ever wonder what teachers do outside of school time?

a critical look at the media

 get to know a ceo
say hello to david a. thompson

thoughts from readers

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