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 Gordon Wilson: The Next Leader of British Columbia's NDP?
a look at whether Gordon Wilson is jumping from one sinking ship to another- or whether something else is in store for him
- Jeremy Baillie

 Consequences of Northern Uranium Mining
for years uranium mining was practiced in the north in hazardous conditions, with little thought for the workers who now pay
- james hörner

 Nunavut Territory Official
on april 1 nunavut becomes its own official territory, of course not without a little controversy
- Iram Khan

 New Captain At Saturday Night
saturday night magazine has a new editor, paul tough. is he going to change the face of canadian magazines?
- Chris Blank

 q&a with George Bowering
interview with one of canada's greatest literary figures, and two time winner of the governor general's award
-james hörner

 q&a with David A. Tomlinson
some words from the national president of the national firearms association
-james hörner

 q&a with Hal Niedzviecki
author, editor, &one of the minds behind broken pencil, the guide to alternative culture in canada.
-james hörner

 auto-interview with Jeremy Baillie
jeremy picks his own mind on religion
-Jeremy Baillie
website review
 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: A Few Words About Interactive Networks
- Angela Pancella
 Fat-Burning Nutrients Help Some Lose Weight
- Pamela Buttazzoni
 Confederation Odyssey
- John Bourne
 Jackie Spock Brown: L.A. Confidential
- Justin Hummel
- james hörner
 Forging The Prairie West
-John Herd Thompson
review by Iram Khan

Canada and Quebec: One Country, Two Histories (revised edition)
-Robert Bothwell
review by james hörner
bits n pieces
 what the hell?! : quips & quotes



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