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 sterilization and eugenics
an examination of the alberta sterilization act, including the case of leilani muir
- james hörner

 Do We Know One Another?
where is this global village we've all heard so much about?
- Jeremy Baillie

 Leave the Rodent Alone!
a guide to the ins and outs of groundhog day
- Iram Khan

 Where Have All the Great Coliseums Gone?
a look at the loss of a tradition
- Jeremy Baillie

 interview with R.U. Sirius
a cross-border view from R.U. Sirius- running for the U.S. Presidency in the 2000 election on the Revolution® ticket.
-james hörner

 interview with Pierre Bourque
a look at the media, and more, with the man behind Bourque Newswatch []
-james hörner
website review
 The Homer Simpson Complex
a look at Canada Rocks the World and others
- Angela Pancella
 Colloidal Silver vs Pharmaceutical Antibiotics
- Pamela Buttazzoni
 Running Out of Moves: a very short story
- Justin Hummel
 True Newfoundlanders
-Margaret McBurney & Mary Byers
review by Iram Khan

Adventures in a TV Nation
-Michael Moore
review by james hörner
bits n pieces
 what the hell?! : quips & quotes



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