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Regional Short Stories: The Literary Highway
"One voice grew into many and a national voice was heard. A Canadian voice, and then a Canadian Literary voice, but was it really Canadian?"
- Wayne Ray

What Was Old Is New Again
"Canadian Politics, so boring for so long it seems, is becoming interesting again." speculation on canada's political future
- Jeremy Baillie

Canada & the Lego Set In the Sky
a look at canada's role in the international space centre
- Iram Khan

An Interview With Justin Hummel
a personal view on the value of education
-Justin Hummel

opinion on the edge
Hands Off the Queen
should she stay or should she go?
- Craig Lloyd
website review
Marketing Music On The Internet
a look at
- Angela Pancella
The Light Went Out Archibald Lampman
-Wayne Ray
Ideas of North: A Guide to Canadian Arts & Culture -Tom Henighan
review by james hörner

Author Profile of Tim Wynne-Jones
a profile of one of canada's celebrated authors
- Nora Marsh
bits n pieces
Notes From the Dump: zine review
- Chris Blank
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