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A Reflection On 2000

by Justin Hummel

wow, 2000. Wow, who cares? The way I see it the year 2000 will be a lot like 1999 and 1949 and 999. Cars won't fly, people won't suddenly become brilliant, and space modules will still mess up and disappoint everybody. Music will still be dominated by stock pop artists whose songs are over-played. Also the world is not going to explode at any time during the year, at least there is a high probability that it won't.

Food, however, WILL change! Small red tablets will replace the customary "meal" that "society" has become so "familiar" with. These tablets will create sensations of smell, taste, and texture similar to the tablets seen in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". In fact, that idea acted as the catalyst for the scientists at "Scfoodience" (note: the name was an attempt to be witty and meld the words food and science, which, in a metaphorical sense, is what these scientists are doing).

The scientists at "Scfoodience" (pronounced: sfoôdîans) have decided to sell the tablets pretty cheap to solve that whole world hunger thing. In a recent interview, head scientist Walter "Science" Downey told me that, "We're going to sell these tablets pretty cheap to solve that whole world hunger thing." He also mentioned that the tablets are fairly healthy. Okay, maybe not as healthy as a square "meal" or a healthy "snack", but nonetheless there will be a pill that is at least as good and way more convenient.

But apart from the whole food thing, however, 2000 will be just another year. Aside from the skyscraper sized robots. Oh, and the whole loss of gender thing!

Justin Hummel is excited about the coming year.
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