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 Why Has This Six-Year-Old Aboriginal Girl Left Home?
looking in on residential schools and their effects
- Dan Lukiv

 On Why Modern Marriage isn't Always Moral
aren't there other options? - a philosophical examination of marriage these days
- Michael Pontinen

 The Divine Ms. Jane
our b.c. correspondent reflects on Jane Siberry, and her marketing skills, after a recent concert
- Kathy Sinclair

 Oye! 2K
looking at the Jewish relationship to the millennial celebrations
- Robert Marcom

 A Reflection On 2000
a satirical prediction of what's in store for humans in the coming year
- Justin Hummel

january 00

 interview with Ted Warnell
a chat with the mind behind, new media network
- james hörner

 Virtual Yugoslavia
a web review which considers the implications of a virtual country
Angela Pancella

Rebel Life
-Mark Leier
review by james hörner

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