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Fubar: Turn up the good, turn down the suck

Adam Wilson

you know Terry and Dean. You've seen them before. They're the last two guys at the bar at the end of the night, "standing" at the bar, wobbly-legged, trying to con the bartender into letting them have one last drink.


You know Terry and Dean. They're the two dudes with the mullets that are too proud to ask you for a smoke at the bus stop, but scrounge after your half-smoked butts once you've tossed them.

You know Terry and Dean. They're the two headbangers who look forward to seeing Ozzy each summer more than looking forward to seeing girls in bikinis or going swimming.

Terry and Dean are the lead characters in the film, Fubar. They're in their late twenties, early thirties, and have absolutely nothing to live for. Terry has a job, which he loses twenty minutes into the movie. Dean is a slacker that wants nothing more than to be a rock star. The two of them live their life by the motto: "Just give'r." Which means to "just give'r" in everything you do; whether it be working, playing, raising your kids, whatever.

The movie reminds me of Hard Core Logo in the sense that it's a mockumentary. It's supposed to be a documentary, but the disclaimer at the beginning assures us that it's a filmed movie and that it's fiction.

The movie follows Terry and Dean as they wait for their high school party pal, Tron, to show up for a night of fun. Instead of showing up, Terry and Dean wait for Tron while shotgunning beers and getting really hammered and angry.

For a majority of the movie, the two are drunk.

It's hard to review this movie because nothing really happens. We watch Terry and Dean get drunk, and try to talk seriously to each other, but it all ends up reminding you of the losers in your city. If anything, it opens the viewer's eyes up to what goes on in "that" part or town all day.

The movie on the whole is good though. It looks like a documentary and feels like one. There are moments of humor and seriousness. When Terry and Dean try to talk serious though, they end up coming off more stupid than they make themselves out in the rest of the movie.

It's a short movie. It runs around 80-some minutes, but feels like two hours. That's about the only complaint I have of it. It's slow in parts.

Otherwise, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of a few inhabitants of a nearby city (Owen Sound) as well as a few distant relatives in my family.

Terry and Dean are perfect in their portrayals of slacker Canadian guys, while not going too over the top and making themselves cartoon characters.

See this movie though. If for no other reason than to say you have. It's good and deserves to be seen once.

Then go shotgun a beer.

And just give'r.

contrary to popular belief, adam wilson IS still alive and working with canadian content. he can be reached at

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