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Nov 7

Marcus Paulson

it's been a while since I have written one of these columns. I have been busy with school work, and did complete my essay. I decided that it was going to be done, and I sat down and worked on until it was finished. Having something handed in was better than having nothing.

I have been studying for my exam. I have decided to ace it. It's better than deciding I'm going to fail it. I have been studying for long hours for the past 3 days. Ok, not as much as I would like to, but that's reality. I have not been studying constantly. I get distracted a lot.

However, I am probably more prepared for this exam that I usually am for exams. It's a bad habit, not studying, and staying up the night before. This time, I will have 3 good days of studying in. And I won't stay up all night. A good nights rest is planned.

I only have to remember certain points, and I can derive the rest from the info that I have. I still have a lot of negative thoughts about my prospects for the exam. I must push them out of my mind. The chances of me failing are probably very slim.

I will write again after I finish my exam.

Marcus lives with his parents in British Columbia. "E-mail my whiny ass at"

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