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the state of the civilization

How To

critical nonfiction by Kurt Halliday

cconstable Uptalk's on State Radio.

Uri Gotswab interviewing.

All about date rape.

The baffling increase in reported incidents.

The drugs the bad guys use. Exactly which drugs. And, naturally, how to make them.


Uptalk is forthright. Steadfast, even.

His voice serves and protects in an even-handed manner. It's aforethought. It meets people half way. Not that it's going to make a deal.

Fourteen cases have been reported.

We, the audience, sense that Gotswab, being a scientist, is doing something mentally with "fourteen".

It becomes clear, however, that fourteen is the entire country. Not just Vancouver. It's the entire country. And we're listening.

Gotswab, being a scientist, a professional, does a "wow - fourteen!"

Then he asks how it works. What happens. Is it the sort of cliché Rohypnol (GHB) in a young lady's drink when said drinky's left unattended in a skanky downtown unCanadian - ?

And Uptalk is there.



He gives the fully montyed scenario on the situation.

It's not just Rohypnol, he mediates. People are using [carefully stated list of street names of illicit substances], too. "What many people don't realize is that drugs [which are] readily available as recreational drugs, if used at slightly higher doses, can put the victim out for a couple hours so that the accused can [carefully listed list of enticing one-sided sexual options]!"


Gotswab, still a scientist, always a professional, doesn't miss a beat.

There sits upright Uptalk in the studio, chest out. He can't keep his eyes off that complimentary Starbucks because at the college they only felt comfortable with Tim Horton's. But hey. A bagel's just a donut with a thicker skin and the sugar excused.

Then Gotswab's all over maybe eleven date rape drug recipes on the internet. He doesn't give the addresses of the actual web sites the recipes are on.

Uptalk seems to anticipate him in this. He's very clear about the household ingredients that go into GHB and the everyday skills required to make the right balance at wonderfully affordable prices.

Gotswab seems to be taking a personal moment. It's like he's thinking. Probing deep inside himself. About. Could this be too much, here? Are we maybe giving something away?

He goes to the Campaign.

This interview, like the others, is part of the Drug Awareness Campaign.

And yes.

Uptalk says Yes.

There's a Drug Awareness Campaign.

It's mainly him.


Gotswab, as a scientist, as a professional, is maybe thinking when did the incidents shoot up?

Uptalk's onto whatever, however.

He doesn't get it.

Not that we're sure Gotswab's got it.

Except that he says something like what if it was called Drug Abuse Prevention Awareness Action Something Campaign.

"Too complicated!" dismisses the kid.

Or Misuse of Recreational Drug -

"Could be said to license behaviour!"

Gotswab is now clearly taking a moment.

Then he's suddenly and violently thanking Uptalk.

Then I'm starting to not-laugh-and-write this.

Then Uptalk's gotta get to Tim Horton's.

Then it's definitely thanks.

Then we're just majorly aware of the power of the media.

Kurt Halliday will be survived in Kingston, Ontario by two near-novels, eighteen sorta-stories, creative non-poetry, wife Janet Anderson, sons Ross and Geoff, three cats and five computers

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