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james hörner

some writers capture places that we have all seen in memories or dreams. walking through Anne Stone's works is a little like falling unconscious and coming to in a world where everything is dreamy and time has lost meaning.

Hush book cover Hush isn't one of those books you simply pick up and nibble at while riding the bus to work or killing time at the dentist's office. it is a demanding book, a little murky at first as you acclimate to the strangeness of the characters and situation, but one which compels you with a headlock of sensations and poetics.

the story surrounds a handful of bizarre characters who seem to be looking for themselves in a haze of liquor and emotion. set in De'ath Sound, the plot follows the interactions of a manipulative and troubled family. actually, i don't know if plot is the right word. there is a sense of events, but their place within a linear time frame is irrelevant. regardless, you quickly understand how these scenes fit together to convey this tale of abuse, neglect, and what might be love.

you can't help but admire the snappy and original way with which Stone uses language to capture everything:

Roses presses her back against the wall, a cigarette dangling from her mouth. Smiling, she says, "So, you gonna leave this dry bitch hanging from my lip all night, or you got a match?"

jacks book cover Anne's earlier book, Jacks, gives the reader a similar feel. it has similar qualities, and is structured with the same emphasis on superb writing presented in short segments.

i'm not sure why, but in reading Stone's works i am reminded of the strange world of Nick Cave's And the Ass Saw the Angel. i think it is in the way in which they both have a flair for using language for their own needs, as well as for the troubled and unforgettable characters they breed.

there's not a lot of writers i would really like to see read/perform, but without a doubt i would like to see the presence and personality behind these works.

published by insomniac press
ISBN 1-895837-58-8

james hörner edits canadian content.

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