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The Student's Guide To Canadian Universities

james hörner

wondering where to go for your post-secondary education? can't quite figure out what to buy that relative of yours who is finally finishing grade 12? this book is the answer.

book cover this guide examines 48 universities in depth. it looks at the vital statistics regarding each place, such as how much tuition will set you back. it also tells you about residence life, and the availability of student housing. as well, it covers academic issues and gives you the low-down on where to go to expand your mind.

of course a book attempting so much is bound to be flawed. there are tons of great institutions missing, such as university colleges (these are the same as universities, except they also have trades. it is a british term that is still used to denote the difference from purely academic institutions).

another problem is that by the time such a book comes out all the 'insider scoop' on where to hang out in each prospective city changes. some of the writers are more straight forward than others, while some like to think they're pretty cool (or so it seems). however, editors Christine Ibarra and Blair Trudell do a good job at keeping everyone in line and analyzing all the universities with the same basic criteria. they do state in the introduction that 'atmosphere' is the biggest focus of this book, which explains the emphasis on locales and scenes.

my final criticism is that some of the info, such as 'favourite professors' is a bit much. who cares? professors move around, take sabbaticals, have spells when they can't teach to save their life.

we can be thankful that this form of useless material is only a margin of what you'll find inside. i don't mean to be overly critical towards this book because i do think it is a handy resource for someone who has a few places in mind and wants to learn more. yet i somehow doubt this is a book someone will read from cover to cover in order to find the perfect university.

Ibarra and Trudell state that "It is our hope that this book will not only address all of your pre-university concerns, but help you make the right choice in what is one of the most important decisions of your life." in saying this the book sets pretty lofty goals, but i think they live up to them. for someone thinking of going to university this book gives you an idea of what student life might be like, and where one might best find a place that's just right for their needs.

published by key porter books
ISBN 1-55263-105-2

james hörner edits canadian content.

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