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Dreaming of a Canadian Moose for the U.S.

Lee Anne Walker

i'm nobody, and I cannot afford a moose. But I read a little, tiny story in the Salt Lake paper about a herd of life-size moose in Toronto, and I got excited and had a wonderful dream before I found out they cost about $6000.

Actually, I was born in Canada. So I know that a moose is a cool, Canadian thing. I am a woman in a wheelchair, owning two small businesses: a wheelchair van service and an art gallery, Cherry Street Gallery. With all my obligations to my employees, artists, and family I cannot justify spending the money on the moose. But I can't get the idea out of my head. I need sponsors.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the site of the 2002 Olympics, and the hockey practice rink is in the part of the valley called Murray, where my art gallery is. With every Olympics there is a paralympics and art events, which tie in with my two interests.

I want a moose--I am going to name him Toronto-- in a hockey shirt. He should have patches on his shirt for his sponsors, and Canadian and U.S. flags. He needs to be one of the first "big" Canadian visitors to Salt Lake.

I want people here to see something that is special to the Canadian athletes and visitors who will be coming. I need sponsors for the cost of the moose. It would even be fun to have a Canadian hockey player, wheelchair van company, and/or a Canadian artist, drive the moose to Salt Lake and have an art show in the gallery.

We would publish a schedule, and put out press releases. The moose could have a journey from Canada..

Once Toronto the Moose got here, he would go to the art gallery and art shows, and the hockey rink, and the mayor's office, and the schools, and the crippled childrens hospitals, and the paralympic venues. He would be on TV. Toronto would be a star for years.

here's the kind of moose Lee Anne is talking about:

Lee Anne Walker can be contacted at:
Cherry Street Gallery /Handi Van, Inc.
4790 S. Cherry Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84l13
(801) 281-0075

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