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A Little Gonzalez for Everybody

Robert Marcom

there is only one of him, and he's just six years old. You wouldn't know that to be the case if you've been less than attentive to the news lately.

Little Alien Gonzalez, as his name implies, is a non-native resident of Miami, Florida. He arrived in a tragic event, the drowning of his mother, and was given safe harbor by distant relatives living here in the US. Distant, but fervent relatives. Fervent anti-Castro, Cuban-exiled, relatives.

Little Aileron Gonzalez has lived up to his namesake, for just as does the aileron on the wing of an airplane, he changes the attitude of his family members on both sides, and inversely. If his inundation with gifts by his friends and supporters in the US fills his Florida family with joy, it enrages those in Cuba. If his Cuban birth father says Aileron wants to return to Cuba, then the Florida family members say little Aileron Gonzalez yearns to breathe free in America. When Fidel Castro says the US government is playing kidnap politics, the US Government says Castro is using little Aileron Gonzalez to distract his people from their failing political system and economy.

It seems that little Aluminum Gonzalez is completely malleable. He is easily cast into many forms. He is capable, at the age of six years, of doing and being and thinking everything at once. The saga marches onward with the inevitability of a sludge backup.

There are bound to be new twists in the ongoing drama of little Illium Gonzalez. The giant yawn coming from the general public is one twist that neither the pro- nor anti- Castro contingents seem to have predicted.

Some decisions are so transparent, that no amount of demagoguery or posturing can cloud the issue. Elian Gonzalez is a Cuban national. He is wanted and loved by a father in Cuba. The US did not invite him, nor give him prior permission, to come here. He was entered into the country illegally and in a genuinely heartrending circumstance. His mother was not evil. His father is not evil.

Elian is six years old. How many six year-old children do you know who will not say whatever a grownup insists they should they say? He is not an Alien, not an Aileron, nor is he an Aluminum.

He is Elian. He is Cuban, with a father who is grieving at his absence. I think we can all agree who the true Illiums are in this situation.

Robert Marcom is a published writer, and the Moderator for Net Author, an on-line writers' community. He resides in Houston, Texas.

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