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Trapeze: Life is a Highway
review of the Tom Cochrane and Red Rider album
review by Adam Wilson

review of the Mathew Good album
review by Adam Wilson

Daniel Lanois - March 1, 2003 - El Mocambo
"While all the songs worked incredibly well own their own, the changes in mood and style seemed, at times, haphazard. About three songs into the set Lanois apologized that he had left his set list upstairs and was going to "wing it"..."
review by John-Paul Bruno

Planet Fame
- Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
review by Adam Wilson

MP3 to Juno?
"Listen for the name Zeeza at next year's Juno Awards and MuchMusic Video Awards. This Pontiac County singer/songwriter from Luskville, Quebec is definitely a name to remember"
by Judy Horner

review of the Leonna Naess cd
review by Aaron Schallié

Paul Simon's Graceland - A More Canadian Experience Than You Might Think
"When you're under the age of ten you probably wouldn't appreciate how good this album truly is even though you could sing every lyric. Put it on again now, and you might be pleasantly surprised"
by Geoff Dennis

Women Rock - Giving Female Musicians a Chance To Be Heard
"Women Rock is now officially an annual fund-raiser due to the success of its inaugural evening, March 7th, at the eclectic Purple Onion Cabaret. The event showcased local female talent from left of the Rockies, with proceeds going towards raising money for a Canadian Post-Secondary scholarship."
by Aaron Schallié

The Junos: Canada's Bastion of Musical Indulgence Leaps Overboard
"The stage was set for what looked like one hell of a party—thousands assembled in the SkyDome to watch The Moffats host our beloved Juno Awards. Wait a minute… Toronto's greatest eyesore was the venue and a motley crew of pubescent squirts who can't even shave yet were the hosts"
by Geoff Dennis

Page Music
"Indee labels like Page Music have always been the unsung heroes of new music. They are the scouts, the judges and the rule-breakers. But all their effort comes with a price: every so often they discover an act that changes, or reinvents popular music, and when the band gets noticed the label will have to let them go"
by Geoff Dennis

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