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gabrielle taylor's reflections.

Poem on missing things

Yet, every man's life ends the same way
"He probably is mean as a sewage vent and/ personable as unworn blue jeans./ No one has given him the ability/ to do anything."

You're not very tall, are you?
"Poem on non-trivial questions"

For I will throw my glove
Another death defying GT poem

Two supposedly related poems

With Apologies to Dorothy Parker
"Can love you for/your corrugated eyes, the feel/ of your hand on my arm,/where the music, skipping, repeated the same bits about love for an hour..."

"I say now death is an unacceptable superstition. / I guess this idea is natural / for one my age, but I'll be thirty sooner / than twenty five (when I'll be even more / untrustworthy than usual)..."

Nineteen dollars and fifty cents
"I'm supposed to be working right now, but / nothing is more appealing than writing a poem / when one should be doing something else..."

Brilliant Corners
"I like to shoot construction sites but I see nothing in this one today. I walk down Sussex between the Bruyere hospital -- which has an achingly green tree with long seeds that I nearly shoot, but then hold in reserve -- and the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint is a gorgeous building, as elegantly and carefully carved as a soap pistol, but it requires a wide-angle lens, so I go on..."

Petrified Ardor
"'Copycats,' call two little girls walking down Wellington Street in Ottawa. 'We already did it today!' But that was later, when I was going home again, during the day's second Middle Eastern demonstration on Parliament Hill..."

Impervious as a Mirror
"This woman is one of many, apparently thousands, of delusionary mush-brains who think it's productive to negotiate with a pack of bloodthirsty woman-hating homosexual-killing murderer-protecting thugs..."

America how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
"Well, America, you've convinced me, a Canadian, to fear you might swarm up as a mass and kill us all. I'm now far more afraid of you than I am of being hit by a falling plane. It's not the American media that's made me feel this way, but the American individuals I see bragging about their country's greatness, and how they're going to stomp these bastards into the ground, and any other bastards that happen to be on the way to stomp the first bastards...."

Love Me, Love My Dog
"A movie, or any piece of art, is not a manifesto, since if it's a manifesto it (in my personal take, and many more studied than I can disagree until their noses fall off) is not art. But a piece of art can, and often they are, be sufficiently borderline that there is question as to which is which. ...."

And Wish Me A Happy 26th Birthday, While You're At It
"Science fiction is the only mechanism whereby we commonly casually consider what's likely to happen in a decade or two if we keep being nasty little bastards...."

That's What We Suspect Is Happening
"I don't know why etiquette is as dead. Not just which fork to use, I mean the mechanisms for controlling the level of insult or hospitality..."

An Honest Villain is a Cut Above One Who Smiles and Smiles
"Victory, if it can be called that, was to who could cannibalize himself the longest. Unlike any war fought before, the victors suffer worse than the losers...."

Wherever You Go, There You Are
"Modern political correctness is based off the idea that human beings are far too stupid and vile to form decent behavior patterns, so the government had better legislate some, and the media had better conform to what the government says, because everybody else (except you, of course) is too big of an ignorant idiot to be trusted..."

We are not Property
"We live in a time of unprecedented luxury and we live like petty despots: we gorge, we lie around in bed, and we do whatever brutal acts are necessary to keep us in that unparalleled comfort..."

When is the last bus to Athens?
There are two major sides to the copyright issue: the artists and the consumers. There are three major sides to the copyright issue: the artists, the consumers and the go-betweens. There are four major sides to the copyright issue: the present artists, the consumers, the go-betweens, and the... There are five major sides to...

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