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cancon has a sordid history, involving rum-running and arms dealing, dating back to the early 1920s.

our first monthly issue appeared in april, 1998.

in february, 2000 we ditched the whole 'monthly' thing altogether, and began publishing 'in progress'. this was partly due to the stress of trying to throw together a monthly ezine, and partly because the format became stifling.

but then in april 2003, after five years of doing this thing, the fickle editor decided to return to a monthly format. mostly because he is a lazy ass and needs the stress of monthly deadlines in order to get anything done. you know how these things go.

and here we are. better than ever, i hope. doggy-paddling in the sewage ditch that has become the internet. somehow we've stayed on course and haven't sold out. oh, that's right, no one's offered yet...

thanks for reading. thanks for contributing.

james hörner
founding editor

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